personalized solutions
from your trusted advisor

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a focus on you and your family
to build an enduring plan

We take the time to understand your current circumstances and your financial and lifestyle goals for the future.

  • During this process we develop an investment policy framework that is customized to your circumstances.
  • We collaborate with you and your attorneys, accountants, and other advisors to ensure we have a fully integrated plan in place.
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our comprehensive process
to building your wealth plan

  • Understand your objectives, needs, constraints, and risk tolerance
  • Analyze your current investment strategy and portfolio
  • Assess alignment with growth, spending, and income needs

  • Evaluate your current situation within the context of our economic and capital markets views
  • Identify areas of potential opportunity and risk mitigation
  • Construct your personalized investment plan and proposed asset allocation

  • Review and discuss your proposed strategy
  • Select appropriate solutions for each asset class and strategy
  • Construct your portfolio leveraging firm’s best thinking

  • Benchmark your portfolio to measure where value is being added
  • Monitor your progress toward achieving goals
  • Adjust, reallocate and rebalance your portfolio as warranted

  • Convey firmwide views, thinking and strategy
  • Provide client reporting
  • Incorporate assets held elsewhere if our client allows access