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In our summer 2023 What’s New, we catch up on KF Advisors professionals’ participation in a wide array of industry events, introduce new team member Michael P. O’Keefe, Wealth Advisory Associate, and talk to Katie >
July 28, 2023
In our July investment outlook, we discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning and their increasing importance to investors. We also discuss interest rates and inflation, what the Fed's next move might be, and key areas >
July 13, 2023
  Congratulations to our own Stephen Wells for his five decades of service to St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children and the well-deserved recognition of his commitment and accomplishment by the Assembly and Senate of >
June 29, 2023
In our June Investment Outlook, we review the potential and timing of a recession, the sources responsible for most of the market returns, and what this means for future potential returns, and our outlook for economic growth and >
June 13, 2023
May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Our friend and fearless advocate for skin cancer prevention, Dr. Ellen Marmur, continues her call for skin cancer to “Take a Hike!” Every year, Dr. Marmur, along with an amazing group of >
May 23, 2023
In our May Investment Outlook, we review March market performance, expectations regarding future Fed Funds rate increases this year, and market factors we are watching closely. >
May 15, 2023
April is Financial Literacy Month and Thursday, April 27th is Bring Your Children to Work Day.  Both events serve as reminders of the importance of guiding your children and grandchildren towards financial responsibility. >
April 28, 2023
In our April Investment Outlook, we review March market returns, current economic and market conditions, the significance of money supply increases and decreases, key areas we’re monitoring, and any changes to our investment >
April 13, 2023
Spring is here, which means that wedding season is not far behind. While you are planning for the big day, it’s important to address one of the most complex issues of marriage, joint finances. Money is one of the leading causes >
March 28, 2023