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In our October investment outlook, we examine the inflation situation, including the potential for a recession as well as the factors that we’re watching closely, including oil prices, domestic political uncertainty, and the global economy.

In our September Investment Outlook, we look at the prognosis for mega tech stocks, the economic outlook and potential for an economic slowdown, and the current data and views on prices and inflation.

It’s the time of year when many families help their children pack their belongings and prepare for the next adventure. Whether it’s the first year of college, a first job, new apartment, or another exciting experience, you are probably feeling a sense of pride combined with a bit of nostalgia. However, before you say your […]

In August 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847, establishing August 21st as National Senior Citizens Day. This is a day to celebrate the many accomplishments and contributions of seniors, particularly as longevity increases. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the health and mobility issues we may face as we grow older, while […]

In our August investment outlook, we assess the current economic situation, discuss the long-term impact of the Fed’s actions to control inflation, and the outlook for a potential weakening of the economy or a possible recession.

In our summer 2023 What’s New, we catch up on KF Advisors professionals’ participation in a wide array of industry events, introduce new team member Michael P. O’Keefe, Wealth Advisory Associate, and talk to Katie FitzGerald, Client Services & Operations Vice President, about her involvement with the West Village Chorale.

In our July investment outlook, we discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning and their increasing importance to investors. We also discuss interest rates and inflation, what the Fed’s next move might be, and key areas we are watching closely going forward.

  Congratulations to our own Stephen Wells for his five decades of service to St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children and the well-deserved recognition of his commitment and accomplishment by the Assembly and Senate of the State of New York, the New York City Council, and the Board of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, […]