Invest with an Impact

As a steward of individual and family wealth, Klingenstein Fields Advisors (KF Advisors) understands that growing and protecting your assets is a top priority. We also realize that non-financial considerations, such as beliefs and values, may be equally important to you. An approach that combines the best thinking of KF Advisors, with responsible investing considerations, can provide the potential to achieve your goals while making an impact. This “values-based investing” or “responsible investing” may be something you want to explore.  

Some topics matter to all investors. We analyze investment ideas for issues that may impact the bottom line, or have any potential effect on the value of the investment in the short- or long-term. This work includes quantitative, disclosure-based research on an array of consequential topics including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. (“ESG” and “values-based investing,” are often used interchangeably). Our analysis helps identify risks and determine the appropriateness of a security as an investment overall… regardless of one’s personal views. For example, strong corporate governance and shareholder rights should be important to all investors, regardless of personal values or beliefs. Our process includes understanding and scoring these issues on potential investments.

Customization incorporates your values. Some clients may want a more explicit focus on one or more ESG issues that matter most to them. As always, our first step is to develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and asset allocation framework. This IPS document reflects client goals, preferences, constraints, and unique considerations. Your IPS discussion often includes a more in-depth conversation around the values you want reflected in your portfolio. If you want to incorporate specific values into their portfolio, we review holdings for ESG issues that could be of concern given these specific beliefs. We use the same disclosure-based research process described above, but with a customized view toward your values. This allows us to generate a score for each security, helping to quantify the fit, or lack thereof, with your beliefs. From there we further analyze the potential holdings in the context of the overall portfolio, including how diversification would be impacted if KF Advisors eliminates some positions. Finally, based on our analysis, we:

  • Eliminate investments that conflict with your values;
  • Flag those that could be a potential problem for ongoing monitoring, and/or;
  • Add securities that we believe are better aligned with your values


The result is a customized portfolio that considers your beliefs. If you have a specific family mission or area of ESG focus, such as the environment, diversity, human rights, or other area, KF Advisors follows this same process to reflect your mission in your portfolio. Through a disciplined process of responsible investing, we strive to align your investment portfolio with your values, while seeking to produce competitive returns. 


The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personal investment advice. KF Advisors is neither a law firm nor accounting firm, and no portion of its services should be construed as legal or accounting advice. If you are a KF Advisors client, please remember that it remains your responsibility to advise KF Advisors, in writing, if there are any changes in your personal/financial situation or investment objectives for the purpose of reviewing/evaluating/revising our previous recommendations and/or services, or if you would like to impose, add, or to modify any reasonable restrictions to our investment advisory services. A copy of our current written disclosure statement discussing our advisory services and fees is available upon request or by clicking here. Please read the expanded disclosures in the linked report.