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T+1 Defined A recent topic in the financial news provided information about the upcoming change in trade settlement timing to T+1. If you have followed trades your advisor has made on your behalf, you will notice there are two parts to the trade process. The day the trade is executed is considered the transaction date. […]

In this month’s Investment Outlook, we discuss the shift in expectations for interest rates, and we take a closer look at the high yield bond market and implications for the broader markets. We explore other factors impacting markets, such as inflation and employment data, and how we are positioning portfolios in this environment.

In our latest investment outlook, we examine how positive economic data has affected interest rates and the markets. We also consider the outlook for inflation and what that means for the economy, the markets, and portfolios.

In our latest investment outlook, we look beyond the Magnificent Seven to other areas driving market expansion and examine the influence of macro factors including interest rates, inflation, GDP and consumer confidence on the markets.

In this month’s Investment Outlook, we examine the impact of interest rates and how anticipated future rate changes affect markets. We also look at the outlook for the magnificent seven stocks, their significant impact on stock market performance, and other factors that could affect our investment strategy.

In our January Investment Outlook, we look ahead to 2024 and the areas that we are focusing on for the year, including the balance between managing inflation and the impact on the economy, the geopolitical situation, and the election year.

In our December investment outlook, we look back at 2023 and the primary factors that affected returns for the year, including inflation and interest rate movements, as well as the impact of a small number of stocks on overall market performance.

In our November investment outlook, we take a look at inflation, what’s been driving market performance, the geopolitical environment, and other factors affecting the market.

In our October investment outlook, we examine the inflation situation, including the potential for a recession as well as the factors that we’re watching closely, including oil prices, domestic political uncertainty, and the global economy.