Deep expertise applies to all aspects of investment management.


We take a disciplined approach to investment management, with a focus on delivering strong after-tax, long-term returns. Our highly personalized recommendations adhere to a core set of tenets that guide every decision we make.

Well-focused strategy We take a long-term thematic approach and select investments to take advantage of secular trends that we identify.
Well-diversified portfolios We believe investors are best served through direct ownership of equity and fixed-income securities of quality companies, supplemented with other investments designed to enhance returns or reduce risk. Additionally, when appropriate, private equity and real assets, such as commodities or real estate, have a place in the portfolios of wealthy families and individuals.
A unique approach to global investing We invest to obtain exposure to the global themes we want to capture regardless of where a company is headquartered - a company domiciled in the U.S. may still have significant operations in a region that we feel represents a strong growth opportunity.
Research-driven investment management We conduct extensive proprietary research before selecting equity and fixed-income investment solutions.
Carefully selected third-party managers We enhance the potential for incremental return as well as risk management by accessing select externally managed solutions to build prudently diversified portfolios.
Cost-controlled approach We remain keenly aware of embedded costs and tax-efficiency across all the investments in our clients' portfolios.