Highly personalized solutions from your trusted advisor.


KFWA has deep experience in helping individuals and families preserve and grow their wealth across market cycles. Your dedicated team provides personalized attention and highly responsive service. As your trusted advisor, we provide a full range of services from customized wealth planning and investment management solutions to regular communications and KFWA insights.

With a deep understanding of who you are and the broad range of issues you may face, your team is always ready to assist you whatever your needs may be.

Wealth Planning – By getting to know you and developing a deep understanding of what you wish to accomplish with your wealth, KFWA helps you build a comprehensive plan designed to meet your short- and long-term goals.

Investment Management – We believe that a disciplined and consistent approach to investment management provides a strong framework to help you achieve your objectives.

Your Customized Portfolio – Your portfolio is tailored to your unique circumstances and characteristics while incorporating the best ideas of KFWA.

Your Trusted Partner – We have worked with many clients for generations, reflecting our commitment to building enduring relationships through excellence in service.