Offering an array of professionally managed solutions.

In addition to accessing a wide selection of asset classes for our clients’ investments, KFWA offers a select group of internally managed and sub-advised strategies.


The Core Equity Strategy invests primarily in mid and large capitalization stocks of high-quality companies. Our focus is on preserving capital over time and achieving growth with limited risk and volatility, with a high sensitivity to taxes and transaction costs. We select securities at reasonable prices, and build a portfolio that is diversified, in order to manage transaction costs. Our top-down approach is used to identify attractive areas to invest in based on business and economic trends. We then look for companies that are attractively valued and have durable business franchises in those areas. Often, these are large global companies, but may also include smaller companies in rapidly growing industries. 


We believe that, over time, equities offer greater potential for appreciation with reasonable levels of risk than other types of securities. We concentrate on companies that appear to reflect relative value. For a relatively small portion of the portfolio, we will also invest for "opportunistic" reasons, such as companies where there may be a change in management, capital structure or control. We also seek to access global investment opportunities, focusing on domestic and international companies which are exposed to economies that may be growing more quickly than the U.S. 

  • Future earnings potential
  • Strong balance sheet and cash flow
  • Strong fundamentals
  • Durable business franchise