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Klingenstein, Fields & Co., L.L.C.
Preserving and Growing Intergenerational Wealth

Sound Advice, Absolute Discretion, Seamless Continuity from Generation to Generation.

Welcome to Klingenstein, Fields & Co.

Legacy. Klingenstein, Fields & Co., L.L.C. has a legacy of successful asset management for more than 40 years. While our orientation is to the future, we are proud of our tradition of integrity and service.

Investments for all generations. We are a family-focused firm, investing our Members’ and families’ wealth alongside that of our clients—evidence of the strength of our investment convictions. We have instituted a process to ensure that the firm remains independent and continues to manage the funds of each client across multiple generations.

Superior resources with personalized attention. We deliberately limit our client roster so that each client is assured of personalized attention. At the same time, we offer resources and expertise that only a larger firm can provide.

Investments for multiple generations. Our mission is to maintain a family’s standard of living from one generation to another through all types of market cycles.   Relying on a variety of investment strategies—primarily value-oriented, equity investing -- we seek to achieve:

  • Superior absolute returns with capital appreciation
  • Intergenerational wealth preservation
  • Limited risk, low volatility
  • Low portfolio turnover and transaction costs, and tax efficiency

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